Deadline for School Enrolment: 10 November 2023 (Friday)

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Terms and Conditions:
  1. “Warm Stitches, Grateful Hearts” Parent-child Crochet Activity” (the Activity) is organised by the Education Bureau ( the Organiser) and Metro Radio is the appointed service provider to implement this Activity.
  2. By submitting an entry in the Activity, your school and respective participants agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions as laid down below and understand the formats of crochet squares, requirements and eligibility criteria of application, etc. of the Activity.
  3. Schools must register and enrol on the activity website on or before the deadline and submit the crochet square(s) to the designated collection point. Registration received after the deadline or with invalid information will not be considered. Crochet squares sent by post will not be accepted.
  4. The Organiser shall not be responsible for any matters arising from submission delay, loss, error, failure in identification or damage incurred by technical problems, including but not limited to any computer or network problems. No appeals will be entertained. All submission time and dates will be based on the records of the Organiser.
  5. Participating schools must ensure that the application details are provided. All personal information provided should be true and accurate and does not involve third party personal data. Applications submitted by participating schools shall be regarded as void if any required information on the enrollment form is/are incorrect, untrue or incomplete. Participants/participating schools are held responsible for all legal liabilities if it gives rise to a threat of potential claims against the Organiser or third party involved.
  6. Participants aged under 18 shall only enter the Activity with the consent of their parents/guardians.
  7. All submitted crochet squares shall be free from any trademarks, logos, or materials that are promotional, obscene, violent, pornographic, defamatory, indecent, disparaging, controversial or inappropriate; otherwise, they will be disqualified.
  8. Regardless of the result of the Activity, the Organiser retains the right to replicate, modify, display, publish and use any crochet squares in any forms without geographical, frequency and time restrictions; the right to use part or all of the contents of the entries with no compensation; and the right to use, or not use, the winning entries. The Organiser has the final decision of the above actions.
  9. The decisions of the panel of adjudicators to the entries for online voting shall be final. No appeals will be entertained.
  10. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions, contents and arrangements of the Activity without prior notice.
  11. The Organiser reserves the right of the final decision and interpretation of the rules and results of the Activity.
  12. Participating schools/Participants understand and agree that the Organiser collects the personal data, including the name of the participants/teacher-in-charge, email address, contact numbers, are for verification and contact only. The personal information provided by the participants / participating schools will be destroyed within six months after the announcement of results (except the information which will be published on the activity website and its social media platform according to the terms and conditions of the Activity). The personal data will not be transferred to third parties (except as required by laws & regulations)
  13. Participating schools/Participants agree to abide by the Organiser's decisions on all matters relating to the Activity, which shall be final. These include the right to interpret, amend, cancel or suspend the terms and conditions, activities and other arrangements of the Activity without prior notice.
  14. For enquiries, please send email to